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About Terry Hunt Painting & Decorating, Inc.

Terry began his painting career in Palm Springs in 1971. His original training was under a painting contractor whose main client was an insurance adjusting company. As such, Terry was trained to apply coatings in every conceivable situation. Smoke and water damage are something that can occur anywhere, anytime. From a basic residential home, to exquisite custom homes; from small businesses to large commercial ventures, Terry received the training to expertly work in each environment, and became knowledgeable in the use of a broad range of coating materials.

After working in the insurance-repair field for 3 years, Terry became disenchanted with the discrepancy between the level of work that some clients received over others. His desire was that all clients be treated equally, and that they each receive the same level of attention and expertise. In 1975 he went to work for a painting contractor who was acknowledged as the top painting contractor for high-end clientele. It was there that Terry learned the nuances of customer service and quality workmanship that is still at the heart of everything he does. When that contractor retired in 1980, Terry began his own painting business.

Currently in our 32nd year, Terry Hunt Painting & Decorating, Inc. has worked hard to secure a place as the Desert's premier painting company. Terry's focus has always been on providing quality work and excellent customer service. We approach every painting project with those two goals in mind: to provide a superior paint job and to complete the project on excellent terms with our clients; whether they be homeowners, contractors, interior designers, property managers, or HOA boards of directors.

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