Marmorino Finish

Special Finishes

For some of our clients, a simply painted wall or wallpaper does not express what they are trying to achieve in their home. Whether your desire is to re-create a Tuscan or Moroccan Villa; the rustic walls of a Mexican Hacienda; the warmth of the walls in traditional Japanese architecture, or the walls that you marveled at in the palaces of Venice, the artists at Terry Hunt Painting and Decorating can help you achieve your vision. 

Faux Finishes

For over 20 years, Terry Hunt Painting & Decorating has provided custom faux finishes for homeowners and designers throughout the Desert. Faux finishing is a term used to describe a wide range of decorative painting techniques. Faux (pronounced "foe") is a French word meaning false. The intent in faux finishing or faux painting is to either replicate natural materials such as leather, stone, marble or wood with paint and/or glazes, or to create a decorative "aged" effect for walls, woodwork and metal . The materials used to achieve these effects are paints, glazes, plasters, chemicals and other mediums used either separately or in combination.

Faux finishing is one of the fastest growing trends in decoration. The effects that can be created provide a warmth and elegance that cannot be matched by traditional paint or wallcoverings. 


Faux Painting

Faux Painting describes a technique by which natural materials such as stone, marble or wood are replicated by the use of paint & transparent mediums (glazes). Learn more about our Faux Painting services.

Faux Painted Walls 

Walls & ceilings can be "aged" by using faux painting techniques. Faux painting can add the illusion of dimension & texture to a surface, while the surface itself remains smooth. Terry Hunt Painting & Decorating's artisans have years of experience in creating warm & elegant faux wall finishes. Learn more about the artistry of faux painted walls.

Venetian Plaster

Venetian Plaster is an exquisite wall and ceiling finish that can produce some breathtaking results. Venetian plaster products can be applied to achieve many textures and effects. A smooth and highly polished finish is possible, simulating marble. Using another product and technique our artists can achieve natural stone effects. Other effects can be created to achieve the distressed look of ancient walls. Learn more about our Venetian Plaster services.

Chemically Applied Metal Patinas

Using chemicals & dyes, Terry Hunt Painting & Decorating can create in hours that which takes decades to occur in nature. Learn more about our metal patina service.

Japanese Plaster

Eco-friendly bio-ceramics have been shown to radiate energy that therapeutically stirs occupants' circulation and metabolism. This unique and exciting finish serves to clean the indoor air of contaminants, significantly improving indoor air quality. Learn more about Japanese Plaster.

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