Residential Painting

Residential Painting

While Terry Hunt Painting & Decorating has evolved into a multi-faceted painting & decorating business, residential painting is still at the heart of what we do.

Whether you live in a 900 square foot condominium, a 1,200 square foot home in a gated community, a 1,500 square foot tract home, or a 20,000 square foot estate home, we can provide you with the expert interior and/or exterior painting service that you are looking for.

Traditional Homes and Condominiums

While we are largely known as a custom home painting company, we truly enjoy providing our expert services to homeowners throughout the Valley. There is no need to be concerned whether or not you'll be able to afford us, as we know how to provide knowledgeable, professional service for all budgets. Read more about our traditional home and condominium painting services, or Contact Us to meet with one of our estimators who can go over your scope of work with you and make suggestions on how best to achieve your desired result. 

Custom Homes

Terry Hunt Painting & Decorating has had the privilege of providing painting & decorating services for many of the Desert area's premier custom homes. Terry's desire to provide a professional, expert, top-quality painting & decorating service is appreciated most by his custom home clientele. Please see the gallery below for a small sample of the work that we have done in some of the Valley's most exquisite homes or learn more about our custom home services.

Homeowner Associations

In 1990, Terry Hunt Painting & Decorating, in a desire to become a truly full-service painting company, expanded its painting services to local Homeowner Associations. The decision was made to offer local Homeowner Associations the same painting expertise and customer service that we had been providing to owners of some of the Valley’s premier homes since 1980.

Since our diversification, and in keeping with our goal, we have provided our quality workmanship and excellent customer service to many HOA projects, both large and small, throughout the valley. Terry Hunt Painting & Decorating has become recognized as one of the very few painting contractors qualified to handle large HOA projects in the Desert. Learn more about our Homeowner Association painting services.

Garage Floor Coatings

Garages are no longer just a place to store cars. Many have become organized shops or showrooms. Being attached to the home, they can become an extension of your living space. There is no longer any need to settle for boring, gray concrete flooring. Your garage floor can be as aesthetically pleasing as the rest of your home.

Coating a garage floor can be risky, however. There are many challenges that must be indentified and properly dealt with, or the coating will fail. Once the coating fails, the cost to repair the problem can be substantial. Among the factors that have to be taken into consideration to insure the success of a garage floor coating are: What is the condition of the concrete? Is there a moisture vapor transmission issue that will eventually cause the coating to fail? Do you know the proper materials to use to insure a long-lived coating? (Hint: it's not the epoxy kit that you've seen at the big-box stores!) Learn more about our cement floor coating service.

Color Consultation and Custom Color Matching

The custom home painting contractor that Terry trained under for 5 years once told him "there are lots of applicators, but very few painters." That is even more true today than it was back in the 70's. What is the difference between an applicator & a painter? An applicator, of course, can apply paint. Obviously, that doesn't take a whole lot of expertise. A painter, on the other hand, knows how to examine a surface and determine what problems there may be; he knows how to address the problems, and do so with expertise gained through years of experience and study of the trade. He can apply a multitude of coatings, not just the paint that can be purchased at the local hardware store.

When Terry was learning the trade, color matching & color mixing was done every day. There was no such thing as taking something down to the paint store to have it "matched." All colors were mixed on the job, for that job. Terry became an expert at matching colors, and at mixing them up on-site. That same expertise is available to all of our clients today. Once you accept our proposal, Terry or another one of his expert painters will arrive at your residence to consult with you, and to make the colors that are right for your home. Before any painting begins, those colors will be applied to your walls so that you can see what they will look like in your environment. No more trying to visualize what your new color will look like by holding up a small color sample! Contact us to receive your free estimate and access to our professional color consultation & color matching service.

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